Gingersnaps with Orange Ginger Cream Filling

Posted by Amy

These are delicious cookies.  This recipe is from O Magazine several years back, and I just made them for the first time last week.  Additional tips not in the directions:

  • Make your dough balls smaller than one inch.  The smaller cookies look cuter and they’re easier to eat.
  • I like my orange to have some zip, so I used twice the zest and fresh orange juice called for in the recipe.
  • After zesting the orange, I fine chopped it using kitchen shears and a very small bowl.
  • Do not use reduced fat cream cheese — the frosting won’t thicken up the way you want it to.
  • You need to grease and sugar the glass you use to press the cookies out.
  • Enjoy!

Here’s a pdf of the Gingersnaps with Orange Ginger Cream Filling recipe too and then the jpeg below.


Gingersnaps with Orange Ginger Cream Filling