Delicious Art From A Box

Posted by Amyp55972z

As an early Christmas present, I recieved the Crayola Holiday Teddy Bear Gingerbread Cookie Kit pictured here.  While I was excited for a new project, I was skeptical about just how great the cookies would be and didn’t think the paint would work (I tried to find a picture, but couldn’t.  The paint is like water color paint on a piece of paper that you activated with a brush).  I was excited to be wrong on both fronts!  I used molasas because I had no honey, so I’m sure my cookies tasted differently from the recomnded recipe, but I’ve enjoyed them.  You can see a picture of my “art” below.  



I think this would be a great project for anyone, particularly if you have some kids who might want to help!

Delicious Art From A Box