Mama Kay’s Chicken Crepes


Posted by Amy

This is a Keehn Family favorite from Mama Kay and also one of my favorite foods.

Chicken Crepes

Boil and debone one chicken.  Tear meat into small pieces. (I buy one of the oven roasted chickens at the store because they taste better and are much faster.) Buy a bag of shredded Swiss cheese, a small thing of heavy cream and jalapeños. 


1 c. flour

2 T. butter

1 c. milk

2 eggs

Mix batter in blender.  Using 6 inch Teflon skillet, melt a bit of butter in skillet.  Pour in 1-2 T. of batter into skillet, all spread around so crepe is VERY thin.  Use rubber spatulas to turn once, cooking until done but not brown.  One batch of batter makes about 12 crepes for me.

Mix the chicken and cheese together.  Fill each pancake with diced chicken grated Swiss cheese, minced jalapeno (4 spread out tiny pieces) and 1 T. cream (just pour a little heavy cream on – no need to measure).  Picture below before jalapeno and cream.

1-6-09-christmas-day-and-cooking-0072  Roll up like an enchilada.  Place in a single layer casserole dish. (They can be stored in the fridge at this point for a day or two if you need).  Mix in a bit of jalapeño juice with the remaining cream and pour over crepes. (it will look like a lot of liquid, but it gets absorbed). Bake at 350 until bubbly and cheese has melted.  If everything is at room temp it should be about 20 minutes.   My work area is pictured below.  You can see the mixture and the finished crepes rolled in the dish.


The leftover chicken/cheese mixture can be frozen to make more crepes later, or it also makes delicious quesadilla filling with mixed with cheddar and some sautéed onion and bell pepper. 

These are amazing tasting and elegant!  They are lovely to serve with roasted asparagus.  

Mama Kay’s Chicken Crepes