About Us

While some of us met invitro and others in day care, we all came together in kindergarten when Corrie, Ali and Annie were students in Amy’s mom’s class.  Thousands of laughing hours, three college transfers, many broken hearts, millions of cell phone minutes and twenty-five years later, we still stick together.

Annie camps out in Boston where she and Reggie (her Boston Terrier) are learning how to build beautiful things at the big H.  From her previous experience in Southie, Annie reports The Departed is more fact than fiction.

Corrie Colvin Williams has earned her Ph.D. in sustainable and healthy environments — in short — why kids should play outside.  Her hubby James and brand-new baby girl enjoy their time in Colorado.

Ali Portis, and husband Stoney are on a 10-month layover in Kansas before continuing their journey to Westpoint. Baby boy joined their family this fall.  Ali is also a photographic genius — check out her incredible pictures at Alison Portis Photography.

Amy Strecker continues to camp out in North Carolina where she’s educating the great people on important things like Mexican food and what happens when the lights go out.


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. terry boehnke says:

    I loved the pictures.
    It does appear to me that some of you cook more than others,
    Heres a killer crock pot… pot roast.

    Brown the roast using flour, lots of seasoning….garlic pepper, season all, onion powder.
    get the oil really hot.

    In the crock pot, put roast, a can of cream of mushroom soup, some red wine…().it doesnt matter….use what you have left from the night before), a chopped onion, some chopped basil. Cover the roast and concoction with water….stir.
    Cook about 4 hours, add a dissolved package of brown gravy mix. About two hours before the roast is finished, add raw potatoes and carrots.
    You will not know how to act!!!

  2. Jeanne (Buck, Holubec, Buck, Coburn) and any and all of these says:

    So good to see you all here! You’ve become such fine women! I so enjoyed teaching you in 5th grade! Enjoy life!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is such fun! Four precious little girls are now four amazing young women. So proud to have been part of your lives. Keep the great recipes coming!

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