Momma Bear’s Chili

Posted by Annie.

Okay, okay, most of us are partial to our mother’s versions of the food we grew up with. I’m trying to be objective here, but this traditional chili is the bee’s knees, seriously. Accordingly, I’ve taken Frito Pie as a new favorite supper. If you’ve got a crew to feed or need a terrific winter meal, this is it. I recommend with Fritos and cheese, or with tamales. Enjoy!

What you Need
1 pound ground lean meat
1 pound of chili meat
1 onion chopped finely
1 bell pepper chopped finely
garlic (fresh chopped or powder) measure your own
1 japlepeno chopped finely
4 Tbls chili powder (or however much you think looks good)
1 to 2 Tblsp cumin powder/comino
1 can of beer
3 tablespoons of corn bread mix with 3 oz water (*this is key!)
water to cover all of the ingredients to cook

What to Do
1. Brown meat add onion & pepper add remaining ingredient and simmer til done
2. Mix corn bread mix with 3 oz of water gradually while stirring chili This gives it a great consistency.

Momma Bear’s Chili

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