Homemade Graham Crackers and Marshmellows

Over the weekend, one of my friends made graham crackers and marshmellows that we used in s’mores, and they were totally amazing.  I had no idea marshmellows could be so delicious.  I also didn’t know that I could quite effectively toast a marshmellow over a tea light with a fork.  S’mores are also way better with high end chocolate.

Here’s the graham cracker recipe and the marshmellow one.  The graham cracker recipe yields way more than 10 if you don’t make them enormous.


Homemade Graham Crackers and Marshmellows

2 thoughts on “Homemade Graham Crackers and Marshmellows

  1. Corrie says:

    Ahem. I freakin’ LOVE s’mores. I probably make them 3 times a week in the oven. I will be doing this. Good chocolate, esp. dark, is a must.

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