Guiltless Cupcakes

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Posted by Amy

Guiltless Cupcakes

This is an incredible trick my cousin Shelly taught me that makes cupcake baking even easier, and healthier!  You take one box of cake mix, any flavor, and add one can complimentary flavored diet soda.  That’s it.  (No eggs, oil, or water as the box calls for).  Mix together, use cupcake liners in your tin, bake as directed, cool, then ice (with whatever icing you want).  I’ve found that I usually have to cook these a minute or two longer than the box calls for, so keep an eye on them to see what works best in your oven.

My favorite combination is dark chocolate cake mix and Diet Dr. Pepper.  Others good ones:

Chocolate cake + Diet Coke (I’ve even used Diet Coke with Lime in a pinch)

Chocolate cake + Diet Cream Soda

White cake + Diet Cream Soda

Yellow cake + Diet Sprite

Lemon cake + Diet Sprite, or Diet Sunkist

Strawberry cake + Diet Big Red (sorry, you probably have to be from Texas to know Big Red).

Leave a comment letting me know if you discover any other great combinations.  I’ve never tried the soda and cake mix trick to bake an actual cake, but I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work too.    If this is up your alley, be sure you also check out the most amazing “fake cake” ever — a pastry chef actually asked for the recipe!


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Guiltless Cupcakes

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