Easy Teriyaki Kabobs

Posted by Amy

These were the absolute hit of my 4th of July celebration!  I found this recipe last week in the coupon section of the Sunday paper and decided to make them for the 4th since I adore grilled pineapple.  (Click on the recipe below to make it larger).

Teriyaki Kabobs copy

My variations to the recipe were that I used stew beef instead.  Despite not being a fine cut of meat, the stew beef was actually great.  I let it marinade for about 6 hours and it had fantastic flavor.  I also used white onions on my kabobs because I love the taste of grilled onions.  I used about 2-3lbs of stew beef, so I doubled the marinade that I let the beef sit in, then I made another batch of marinade to use as a baste while the skewers grilled.  The one bottle of marinade and one can of pineapples was plenty for the triple recipe I made. You can see the kabobs pre-grilling below, unfortunately we were all so hungry I neglected to take post-grilling pictures.

July 4th kabobs

These got a thumbs up all around, even from Colby, and I’ll definitely make them again.

Colby + Kabobs

Easy Teriyaki Kabobs

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