Vegetable Quiche Cups To Go

Posted By Amy

This is a fantastic recipe taken from Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet book.


My variations:  The above recipe typically makes 6 full quiche cups for me.  I like to sauté mushrooms, onions and garlic first, and then add the spinach at the end.  I let the mixture cool on the stove some (so it doesn’t cook the adds right way when added together).  Then I mix it with the egg and cheese and pour into the cups.  Typically I throw in some pepper and garlic powder too.  If you don’t want to use egg sub, I use four eggs and a bit of milk/cream.  Because my quiches are larger, they typically have to cook 30-35 minutes.  No one likes raw egg, so just check on them before you turn off the oven.  They’ll need salt before eating, but don’t add it ahead of time because it dries out the eggs.

This makes a great breakfast, lunch or brunch, on their own, or paired with green salad or fruit.


Vegetable Quiche Cups To Go

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